Monday, February 16, 2015

We have been to the track every Sunday and there have been improvements. Beauty breezed a mile yesterday and clocker got her in middle of breeze …five furlongs in 1:04 and change…she was pretty consistent the whole way. With that breeze, I finally put on shoes and will put a jockey on her next sunday and break form gates and look for a race. I had turf shoes put on and that might help her even on the dirt for the breeze.
Prediction went with blinkers for the first time and seemed to be a little easier to handle. Rider feels she hasn't "awaken" up to her speed yet but I think we keep going to track on weekends and gallop at farm in between…she is young and big…time will tell.
You can see snippets of horses on my Facebook page…Janet Delcastillo

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  1. This great to see I am also training racehorses quarters who I raised