Thursday, November 1, 2012

Duffy does a strong mile

Duffy seems to be waking up.. He did a very strong mile and is becoming more aggressive.
I need to get another rider out here so horses can work together. Tampa opens soon so maybe then well get some jockeys! Meanwhile Susie Jacobs is doing a great job!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Second break red filly

So professional for such a young filly !

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Red filly -2year old goes to gate

After solid two and half mile gallop red filly goes to break!

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To gate again-same morning

I like being able to bring horse back for second break the same morning. This is the advantage of a training center... At Tampa Bay Downs the gate crew wouldn't let us do this... So if horse broke crooked we couldn't correct it right then and have him come right back... I've never understood that !
Every crew is different... At Delaware they were very accommodating and would let us repeat same morning!

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Destiny gallops then gate work

Oct 27 destiny did a two and half gallop and now goes to gate. She walked through and now goes in with front closed

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Location:Sunset Cove Dr,Winter Haven,United States

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Duffy is finishing stronger

Last season Duffy plodded along and showed no kick at end of race. I've asked Susie to teach him to finish strongly .. He tends to roll into the speed and needs a long race.. Hopefully a kick at the end. This season he must show something ... He will be five in January!

Filly goes to real gate first time

We had her walk through and stand then we closed the front. This filly is very solid and calm... Unbelievable for a two year old!

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Trip to training track

This is a two year old learning to stretch out on a mile track ... After this gallop we will take her to gates for first time.

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Location:Bradbury Rd,Winter Haven,United States

Monday, October 22, 2012

More with Destiny

So this is how we learned about Destiny. I must say she is the most laid back, kind horse I have ever had! What a delight to work with! We'll see how fast she goes soon!

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Walk around the farm

This lets her be familiar with area

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Now to walk and do turns

He lets her turn each way

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Once she understood the long reins

He tried her in both directions

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Then he did this

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When we first got Destiny

I want to share how Sebastian, the French Trainer,approached a new horse on the farm... We really won't sure how much training the filly had so this is how he did it

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Location:Florida 540,Winter Haven,United States

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Second mile on track

He looks around a little

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Location:Crystal Beach Rd,Winter Haven,United States

Duffy goes to track

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Location:First mile on big track

First trip to mile track October 20/12

We took four horses to breeze at mile track in Plant city about 35 miles from my farm.

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Destiny's first time on track. She is such a lady! First mile gallop

Location:Crystal Beach Rd,Winter Haven,United States

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's get going!

We are looking forward to getting to the bigger race track! Well catch up then!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting ready for season!

Time to get trimmed. I've noticed the horses' hooves grow faster in the summer and now the weather is changing and we start really doing long gallops. Here in Florida we don't put shoes until close to racing or unless horse has a problem. Saves Money and allows frolicking without catching shoes. Four horses will be tuning up for Tampa this year. I always start out with hope that they will be competitive ... Maybe Duffy has matured enough... Maybe Destiny will show talent and maybe Pi will like Tampa and find some 5 to 6 furlong races!
I will keep you all informed!!

Location:Crystal Beach Rd,Winter Haven,United States

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting back into the routine

Since its September we start easing the horses back into training. Susie comes out on Mondays and fridays and rides the horses for 3 to 4 miles.. Walking, trotting, galloping until they will be doing solid gallops by end of month. On Wednesdays they jog on machine in both directions. I can't put Destiny on the machine as she ignores it completely!

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Moving freely but for a sustained period of time is useful on non riding days.

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Never have I had a thoroughbred as indifferent as this filly! She is very willing to go when ridden but won't be put in here any more!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What happened to the geldings?

What happened to those horses shown in the past? On the blog?
Tiny Tunes'owner sold her up north... She did not justify her training expenses and we never seemed to be where she could do well.
Zulu Prince and Leavemearoan , part of the group of four geldings both went on to other trainers as they did not show enough talent to run in Florida. I tried them a couple of times at other tracks and Zulu did finally break his maiden in Presqueisle with another trainer and may be still running.
Leavemearoan was sold in Ohio but hasn't shown up at track since... I keep an eye out for him.
Because International Guy was so pretty, I tried to sell him as a riding horse but never succeeded. After he was out of training for many months, I tuned him up for West Virginia since they had short races and he seemed to like that. He worked very well off a few gallops at track but I couldn't stay there and made a "deal " with a nice young man... We may see him racing yet!
The only horse of the four that I kept was Duffy. We will see whether waiting on him and letting him grow will pay off.
I have a three going on four unraced Canadian filly that has a lovely personality. So... You know... Always new hope in the barn . The group of geldings was a terrible time, effort, and financial loss. But that is the burden one must carry if one is not claiming or purchasing
A racing horse. We have to put all the effort in early only to find out years later that they can't pay their way!
It is a tough business which is why I say don't quit your day job... Just train on the side. If the horse makes money that is a bonus!
I look forward to sharing trials and tribulations now that I have learned how to access my blog... Thank goodness for grand kids that can teach us!

Location:Rancho Delcastillo

Back in the saddle again

I'm starting to catch up with the blog... It's been a while but I'll be bringing it up to date as to where the horses are now and tell you about a few new ones to share with you!

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Duffy is now four going on five. I put him out for the summer to grow... He still looked immature at beginning and since he was such a big guy I thought a little more time to grow might help him. He is starting his gallops at the farm and well see how he does!

Location:Rancho Delcastillo