Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The three fillies are just galloping at farm and loading in trailer to get used to that. After gallops they walk through pretend gates so when at track they will be used to going in small places.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I have been posting the works of the three fillies' training at the moment on face book and on my website. But I want to put updates here also. The three files are all two year olds and are galloping at the farm. By middle of January 2014 we should start going to track. I will bring you up to date.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Keep an eye out for my new website at this same address... backyard racehorse.com/Users/janetdelcastillo/Desktop/Janet Pub photo.jpg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It has been a while since the last update. I tuned up the horses..Pi and Duffy. Duffy, though beautiful and finally full grown, has shown no inclination to run. He did the slow break and I waited to see a strong finish in a mile race and he just didnt have it. I tried him on turf, long, short, with different jockeys, and different strategies and no luck. He could go to a cheaper track and might have a chance but I don't want him to end up running at the bottom races until he can't any longer. So I think he will be useful in another career. The whole group of geldings has been a real disappointment. All of them had a fair start and were never pushed and have raced many times soundly but have not proven to be useful. Pi, now a mare, can't make any money here in Florida though she has tried at Tampa. She is sound and may have a shot up North. It's time to regroup... I have a group of four fillies that are now two and they have just been broken and will do a little bit durning the hot summer but will not be ready before the Fall. I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well I havent written in a while since I'm still having technical problems with photos etc. To bring yiu up to date: I have two horses running at Tampa BAy Downs at moment. Pi was off for almost a year with a twisted hock...done while frolicking in field. I wasnt sure she would make it back to racing and I will soon put up pictures of injury and healing process.She seems to be back to self..next few races will tell whether she can win that second race. I let Duffy off for summer and hoped that he would mature and be more interested in running, this, his five year old year. He is a big 17 hand gelding and I think needed time to grow into himself. All the other horses from that group were given away or deals made as they were not proving to support themselves. Leaveme a Roan is to be a pony horse...the best he ever did was a second on the grass at River Downs. He would not be competitive at Tampa so I left him in Ohio. International Guy was training very well in Charlestown butI couldnt stay up there for summer..(was there two weeks) and made a deal with a nice young trainer and his owner. He has been hitting the board and I hope to see a win soon. Zulu Prince was a disapointment so another deal was made and he finally broke his maiden in PA which was a good deal as he was PA bred. Hasnt done much since and our winter season at Tampa is pretty tough...well see..I wish him well..as with all my horses he left my barn very sound so if the spot can be found where he can compete he might pay his way. I tried Zaamtime a few times but she showed no interest in wanting to run and now has a fabulous home with girls who love her. If my horses show no ability to pay their way after I have tried them Long, short, grass, etc, then, since my home is Florida, I try to place them where they have a chance or can be riding horses. Some Thorouoghbreds are not meant to be riding horses but so far I have had luck finding homes for mine. I will be better at blogging now so come back and check in!