Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It has been a while since the last update. I tuned up the horses..Pi and Duffy. Duffy, though beautiful and finally full grown, has shown no inclination to run. He did the slow break and I waited to see a strong finish in a mile race and he just didnt have it. I tried him on turf, long, short, with different jockeys, and different strategies and no luck. He could go to a cheaper track and might have a chance but I don't want him to end up running at the bottom races until he can't any longer. So I think he will be useful in another career. The whole group of geldings has been a real disappointment. All of them had a fair start and were never pushed and have raced many times soundly but have not proven to be useful. Pi, now a mare, can't make any money here in Florida though she has tried at Tampa. She is sound and may have a shot up North. It's time to regroup... I have a group of four fillies that are now two and they have just been broken and will do a little bit durning the hot summer but will not be ready before the Fall. I'll keep you updated!