Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Catching up with horses

Just letting you know we have been going to track once a week with Prediction and Beauty. That darn Secret has managed to twist her hock after being almost recovered from laceration a month ago. I think she heard me say that we were ready to go back to track so night before she again twisted ? maybe her hock. In any case she is again lame. I am continuing with antibiotics and am hoping that there is no infection.
So with Secret on the bench, we are looking to start Beauty first as she is training well. She shows no speed and our plan is to try her on the grass in first race. She might be better on grass and Florida has restrictions as to who can run on grass. (Maidens 16 to 25 k). So if I start on dirt cheaper she won't be eligible.
Prediction is hard headed and difficult to guide when on track…maybe just we send her with pony and do easy gallop until she is comfortable. We go at least two miles and then go to gates.
Patience is a virtue! The filly is large and may need time to grow into herself. She is only three.

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