Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stack Bali and Yearlings

Stack Bali was ridden today and will go to OBS on Wednesday.

I just noticed this wound on the cornet band. I want to ask Dr Lose if she thinks the hoof will grow back. It must grow down from above, similarly to a toenail and its cuticle.

This is a better view-see how the cornet band is injured?

Another view.

I scrub it to keep down the proud flesh.

This is Duffys Prediction. He is a yearling. I gave West Nile shots today. I ask Eric to handle the babies-lay on them get them used to being rubbed.

Here Eric is playing with him.

Here's Eric leaning on Leave Me A Roan, another yearling.

More handling experience for the youngster...

Monday, June 29, 2009

IE's Shins and Monday at the Farm

Irish Eagle's shins today. You can compare with previous pictures.

The body's reaction as he heals: First the flare up then, as it heals, it tightens on the leg.

TS Faye and Spitfire on the machine today ...off tomorrow...to OBS on Wednesday.

Phontiff ridden lightly today, maybe getting a gate card on Wednesday's OBS trip.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joe Herrick, Backyard Trainer?

Granted he has certain advantages; one heck of a back yard, for one. But even if he hasn't read the book, he certainly seems to embody the philosophy letting horses be horse. Nice to see. Maybe we are turning a corner.Thanks to Ralph Francis in the forum for pointing this nice clip out.

Back at the Farm; Updates on Shins

TS Faye breezed on Wednesday. Today is Saturday and she is trotting on the machine. She has turnout in between.
As you can see, if you have been following this group, they were ridden long and slow until they got to handle two to three miles twice a week with heavy weight(rider weighs 160) then we started "tightening" the speed and shipping in to track.
At that point we start taking off the weight and go to faster speed .

So far TS faye is the only two year old who has not had any setbacks. With one more work we will be looking for a race.

Remember Phontiffs Wind...the horse I traded Mariah for?

He had sore shin after a work at Tampa.

Phontiffs has been ridden off and on. He is galloping lightly today and will go on Wednesday if he is okay.

I'd like him to have a little more weight on him... But he eats like a horse!

If his shins are good he could race this summer.

Tiny Tune Lilly has been on the shelf with a left shin. I decided to have her ridden today to keep her weight bearing- it should not her to trot around and in a few days we might gallop her if she seems okay.

Tiny has a very subtle head bob after a half hour trotting on the machine.. That is why I have to wait on her.

The profile of her left shin shows a slight bulge still. As she heals it will go away

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to OBS

We went back to OBS this AM. I sent out TS Faye and Spitfire and another filly purchased last week by a friend. I asked them to gallop together and then go to the gate. They are trying to get together here.

I asked them to go to gates and breeze 4 to 5 furlongs. TS Faye breaks on top. New filly is up in air as the handler in gates confused her. Spitfire is the slow breaker-you can barely see his nose. Though we had his tooth pulled that had bothered him, he still worked poorly... I may put him up for the summer and let him grow. TS faye worked in 51 ,new filly behind and spitfire trailed....hmmmm
TS got her gate card and is close to running at Calder.
Maybe one more breeze.

I then sent Stack Bali against two other older horses. He broke well .

Stack broke on top and was in front for about 3 to 4 furlongs and tired. He will need more work to carry speed. He came back really tired but did every thing all right.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Visit to Saratoga

In Saratoga, New York, which becomes a beautiful horse racing town in the month of August.

Charming streets with horse themes.

Outdoor cafes and wonderful ice cream -that's my son Nando and his wife Sally.

mmmmm Saratoga Springs water!

In front of the race track.

In front of the Horse Racing Museum in Saratoga Springs.

It's a great place to visit.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rescues in Upsate NY

This is a 3 yr old filly out of Moneta by Lord the Thunder. Average size. Unbroken Rescued from the Paragallo farm in upstate New York . She is available for adoption and is registered NY bred.

This 4 year old mare is also a rescue from Paragallo farm-out of Hunters Circle by Griffinite. Unbroken. Available for adoption up here in New York State. If interested email lisabpainthorse at yahoo.com.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Visiting Upstate New York


Mom sends:

I am visiting my grandkids in upstate new York . Catskill is nearby and they have decorated cats all over town.

This town is very sweet with wonderful gingerbread houses.

Another cool cat.

My son Nando makes these benches.
While on display in front of this store,one was stolen!

They called the police and the police said they knew where it was.

I went up the street and there it was! In front of the police station!
They took it! I love small towns!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dead Batteries and a Tender Tongue

This morning I loaded 4 horses got ready to pull out and my truck wouldn't start! The batteries were dead . We gave the horses some grain to munch on and I ran to auto parts store, got two batteries, put them in (all the while with horses in trailer) and managed to get to Ocala training center only half an hour late. Here is one of them going on track.

Last time Surefire went to OBS he ran with his head up high and seemed to fight the bit. When I got home , I examed his mouth and found that he has a risidual piece of wolf tooth up by his molar.

By holding his tongue out to one side I can feel both his upper and lower ridges and I can feel the piece of tooth. This may explain his high head carriage.

The gates weren't open so I had them walk through the baby gates and the gallop around and try to go four furlongs

Just Surefire and TS Faye today. They galloped together to top of stretch.

TS Faye with little effort left Spitfire behind. Even though I put rubber bit on Spitfire he still fought-and did not breeze well. I have a call into a dentist .

TS Faye breezed acceptably; 4 furlongs in 52 seconds. It is not fast but is stretching out her distance and if shins are good we can improve on that.
I also had Stack Bali gallop on the track to see how he would go. He was good so I will send him from gates next time.
The two year old in training sale was going on and I managed not to come home with another horse!