Monday, June 14, 2010

Racing Up North

On Tuesday I loaded 3 horses and hauled to Cincinnati Ohio. It was a good trip and the horses traveled well, even for Zulu the two year old. We got there on Wednsday afternoon and Thursday morning Zulu galloped at river downs.
Friday at 5:00AM Greg and I were on the road to Erie Pa where I had TS Faye and Tiny Tune Lily entered to run that night -- 350 more miles – Again, a good trip.
TS Fay ran well but tired. If the race had been five instead of five and a half.... Oh well.

Then Tiny ran. It was a terrible group of horses in gates. She was # 2 and the 1 went crazy and then 3 panicked and reared up whirled around and was pawing Tiny and almost jumped into her stall. The jock got off, 3 fell and was stuck under the gate, they unloaded all the horses but Tiny and 3 then they got 3 out from over and under Tiny and then unloaded her. She had stood quietly while all this went on around her. Incredibly, Tiny was all right. No cuts or anything on her back and they reloaded the horses ( 3 got lose and ran away and was scratched).
In the race Tiny broke second was flying when a horse veered over and cut her off. She was severely checked and almost went down. Now she was near last she again dug in had to check again and still managed to get third. I am so pleased with her as she was very gutsy and bold. Good out of the race and fine the next morning.
Did I mention that the farrier almost cut his hand off while trying to grind down Tinys toe grabs...Much blood and drama but he is okay with many stitches.
Zulu went out gates at Ohio this AM. He was nervous so they want him to come back and stand tomorrow. Then we'd we go to back to Presqueisle in Erie PA. He needs to break well in order to start in Erie. Meanwhile, Tiny and TS Fay will run Wednesday night. TS is against boys and still a little long race. Tiny is in a better spot but it is 5 1/2 furlongs and she is best short. So we shall see!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Trip To The Calder Gates For Zulu and Duffy

Zulu's jock did not do him any favors by barely holding on for the break:

Duffy was still slow off the bell, but her bottom is filling in and she did a solid four furlongs.

Gate Work at Calder for Duffy and Zulu

Pretty sure Mom was kidding about Duffy's break being "speed".

Zulu actually popped out pretty smartly.