Thursday, January 8, 2015


Susie is on the fillies. It is now january of 2015! The fillies have been going to the track to learn the routine. Secret went with me to Ohio this summer and was ready to run when she managed to tear herself up in the trailer. She is truly a difficult child! I never got her going in Ohio as she needed to heal from tearing her hind leg and lacerating it to tendon. Fortunately she has recovered well. Beauty, the Indian Ocean filly, was turned out for the summer to grow. She is now breezing at Tampa but shows no speed so we will aim for training her for distance, with hopes that she can stay. We plan to try her on turf when she is ready…that may make a difference.
It's frustrating that we have to do the ground work and foundation before we know if we have a real runner but that is typical of this business. We can at least try to keep them sound in the process of training.

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